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PV-TEC Bus Schedule

Tuesday - Friday Monday (PLC Day)
8:30am Bus departs HS 8:30am Bus departs HS
8:50am Arrive at PV-TEC 8:50am Arrive at PV-TEC
12:19pm Depart PV-TEC 11:45am Depart PV-TEC
12:45pm Bus arrives at PV-TEC 12:19pm Bus arrives at PV-TEC
3:25pm Bus departs PV-TEC 2:23pm Bus departs PV-TEC


PV-TEC Bell Schedule

Period Regular Bell Schedule PLC (Monday)
1st and 2nd hours 8:50 - 11:07am 8:50 - 10:41am
3rd hour 11:09- 12:16pm 10:43 - 11:45am
4th and 5th hours 1:07 - 3:35pm 12:35 - 2:23pm