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Courses are offered based on demand, teacher availability and certification.

Family Consumer Science Instructor

Tonya Ward

New Horizon High School

Family Consumer Science Enrichment Courses


42411 Family Consumer Science Leadership A - 1 Trimester - CHS/HHS/NHHS/PHS 9 10 11 12
42412 Family Consumer Science Leadership B
42413 Family Consumer Science Leadership C

Prerequisite: Membership in (FCCLA) Family Career Community Leaders of America

This leadership course is designed to strengthen students’ personal and group leadership skills. It provides students an opportunity to explore character traits and characteristics that are needed to become an effective leader. Students practice their leadership skills through community services projects and a variety of leadership activites through the FCCLA student organization. This course covers topics such as public speaking, effective communication, human relations, parliamentary laws and procedures, organization and management and group dynamics.


36101 Adult Living A Relationships - 1 or 2 Trimesters – NHHS 10 11 12
36111 Adult Living B Life Management

A course designed to focus on the young adult as an individual preparing for responsibilities in the home, family, community and work environment. The student will gain relationship skills and life management skills, utilize problem-solving methods, management processes, employment, and leadership skills. Adult Living is designed as two independent but sequential semesters/ trimesters with one semester focusing on independent living skills and one semester on building and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationship among family members and other members of society. FCCLA activities should be integrated into this course. State code 222516


36023 Interior Design - 1 Trimester - HHS 10 11 12

Prerequisite: Teen Living B

A one trimester course that integrates knowledge, skills and practices required for careers in the housing, interiors and furnishings industries. Students will evaluate housing developments and practice design techniques, and demonstrate skills through visual presentations. Instruction includes design principles, construction techniques, and material and equipment selection. A work experience in the housing industry, interior and furnishing industry or real estate is a part of this course. FCCLA leadership activities are tied to this course. State code 192050


42415 Family Consumer Science Career Experience – CHS/HHS/PHS 11 12

Prerequisite: Programming Capstone Course

Students will complete a work experience at a local or approved business. The experience must be monitored by the workplace coordinator.